Project objectives

  • Improving health and social care professionals’ competences working in the care field through an educational program using creative drama and storytelling
  • Improving communication skills of family carers of persons with dementia through a Toolkit based on alternative communication methods and storytelling
  • Improving quality of life of persons with dementia through these tools
  • Raising social awareness on dementia issue through a policy recommendation regarding building up dementia-friendly communities/institutions

Target groups

  • Health/social care professionals working in the field of dementia, in residential or day care center
  • Family carers of persons with dementia
  • Persons diagnosed with dementia

Being complementary to all these projects, the present proposal is innovative in the sense that it will create and pilot a new educational structured program, using creative drama and storytelling for the use of health and social care professionals in their work with persons with dementia, improving well-being of these persons, boosting their social integration, reducing challenging behavioral symptoms and manifestations, fostering communication and trust, and also helping family members in their care, by a Toolkit for improving communication with cared persons and for managing problematic behaviors.

Indirectly, communities will benefit from outcomes of this project.